Application Process

Application Process for Warner Quinlan Managed units

  • Before we accept new residents there are a number of processes we go through to ensure you meet our requirements as a Warner-Quinlan resident
  • All residents over 18 years old who will be living in a property must complete an application form and submit the appropriate fee with cash or credit card payment.
  • Applications are usually processed within 2-3 working days.  In the case of some homes, an approval may be necessary from a Homeowner/Condo association, which may take a little longer.

Application fees

  • Each adult must submit a non refundable application fee of $60 per person. The application process will not start until all fees have been paid per adult over18..
  • Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered. Fees will not be refunded in such cases.
  • Homeowner's Associations sometimes require a processing fee to approve applications. If this is the case then residents will be responsible for such costs in addition to our application fees.

 Application Processing Times

  • Applications are usually processed in 2-3 days. However, we may request information from 3rd parties. Depending on how fast they respond additional time may be needed to process the application.

Holding/Reserving a Property

  • A property may be reserved for up to 4 weeks provided that a non-refundable holding deposit is submitted to Warner-Quinlan.  We usually ask for an amount equal to the security deposit.
  • In the event you fail to execute a lease or fail to take possession having signed a lease, this deposit is forfeited.
  • Our leases are prepared by retained attorneys who specialize if Florida law. There is a one time lease preparation fee to cover costs.

Applicant Verification

  • Once we receive an application and the associated fees we carry out the following checks:-
  • Past evictions check – previous 7 years
  • Employment verification
  • Earnings verification
  • Criminal record
  • Previous Landlords reference
  • Sex offenders check
  • Co-signers/Guarantors may be considered and will be subject to the same process and fees as the main applicant

As-is Condition

  • All our rental properties are rented in "As-is" condition. This means that you should see inside the property before submitting an application.
  • Sometimes a landlord may agree certain specific repair items before a resident takes occupation or shortly after, in which case this will be agreed in writing by us. Verbal requests/representation are non-binding


  • Many of our properties will accommodate pets. No pets will be allowed in a property unless a pet application and non-refundable pet fee of $250 has been paid and submitted in advance. In this case you must still wait for written permission from us before a pet is allowed in the property
  • Keeping pets that are not approved by Warner-Quinlan may be in violation of the lease and grounds for eviction

Security Deposits

  • A security deposit in the amount equal to 1 full month’s rent is required.  This is held as security for our residents to look after our properties in a diligent and responsible manner.
  • Residents may NOT stipulate that security deposit to be used for any rent due
  • At the end of tenancy, a thorough inspection will be carried out at the property and any items which require remedy for breakage, damage, or use may be charged against the security deposit.
  • In the event any amount is claimed from your security deposit, you have 15 days from the date of receipt of the claim to dispute the claim.  Any dispute MUST be in writing, verbal claims have no standing.  In the event no written dispute is received by us within the timescale, we will disperse funds according to the claim statement to you and/or the owner.

Executed Leases

  • Once a lease has been prepared by our Attorneys, signed and executed by you as a resident, it is fully legally binding together with all the terms therein.
  • Having executed a lease, you are responsible for the total amounts due under the lease.  Should you break the lease early or fail to take possession, we (under the terms of the lease) may retain all deposits and amounts paid towards rent, pet fees, application & lease fees as liquidated damages
  • Please therefore do not sign a lease unless you intend to fully honor it!